IoT   Enabled smart Urbanization serve better in future

The global needs and supply chain delicacies due considering the current COVID-19 pandemic City across the world, we assess the global urbanization and population density.

The estimations of UN suggest 68 percent of the world population will live in urban areas by 2050.

one of the new challenges before the world today is to figure out how to make livelihood smarter, proactive, and responsive to keep the world safe and secure. Smart cities offer a way to keep us safe, both day to day, and in the face of crises like climate change, pandemics, and terrorism.

The global trends show that the technology evolving to support such a futuristic eco system globally.5G a way forward supports a wide range of use cases to make smart IoT-powered cities run – from the simple smart water meter all the way to the autonomous EMS vehicles. according to Cisco Annual Internet Report 2019, 5G will represent 10 percent of total global mobile connections with even higher concentrations in key markets by 2023.

Certainly, telecom service providers are rushing to prepare all the technical requirements to roll out 5G’s potential. But the industry can’t stop there. Service providers must partner with technologists, enterprises, and governments to define how to use 5G effectively.

However the service providers and government deportments should work collectively to assess the implication of 5G to nature and eco system.

Intellicops is assessing the possibilities to engage with service provider partners and clients to harness 5G to create real value. We can leverage end-to-end portfolio of cloud-native core network functions and IoT portfolio that includes industrial networking, cybersecurity, management, data, and edge compute to provide complete solutions. 5G technologies can also be used in other wireless and cellular access technologies depending on the enterprise’s business need and use cases.

Cisco announces, By the end of 2020, Cisco IoT Control Center, leading cellular connectivity management platform, will have 5G stand-alone (SA) readiness. It will also orchestrate connectivity across all 5G service layers – including NB-IoT, enhanced mobile broadband, and ultra-reliable low latency communications. Service provider offerings can be tailored to the unique needs of each 5G use case

Below possibilities come together in the smart Metropolitan of the near future.

Utilities and services
  • Address water leaks and dispatching repair teams before an outage occurs
  • Monitoring actual energy consumption and pricing and redirecting locally stored renewable energy on demand to keep utility bills low
  • Collecting trash only when waste bins are full
Mass management systems

Intelligent crowd management systems with smart monitoring and facial recognition help manage crowds, traffic, and security issues.

  • Identify traffic by automatically directing blocked vehicles to open parking spots
  • Using crowd monitoring technology to predict wait times, redirect pedestrian traffic, and dispatch employee support based on crowd sizes
  • Facial recognition technology being used to identity missing people or suspicious persons
  • Tracking public health epidemics and pandemics like the coronavirus and automatically directing crowds away from impacted areas such as public transportation, in airports, and in common gathering spaces
Intelligent roadways and interactive vehicles

Smart roadways connect traffic lights, roads, bridges, streetlights, and signage with the autonomous vehicles that drive on them

  • supporting a self-driving vehicles that communicate with the road and other vehicles to avoid collisions, automatically redirect around accidents, and offer a prolific commute full of healthy services and entertainment
  • minimizing traffic and road damage by synchronizing traffic lights to route heavy load-bearing vehicles through a city as quickly as possible
  • Offering safer school zones and junctions with responsive signage and traffic lights that signal the presence of and protect pedestrians
The possibilities of IoTs are unlimited and unbiased, few of them are listed below
  • IoT can build future smart Villages enable villagers to manage agriculture forming intelligently
  • IoT can enable government facilities reach most deserve citizen
  • IoT help streamline Power Grid outage and unpredicted issues
  • IoT help building smart train signaling systems
  • IoT can be a better weather forecaster
  • IoT can assess the person background through series of activities being carried out over the period on various devices and predict the criminal background if any
  • IoT can make aviation industry smart
  • IoT can be a future defense source of information
  • IoT can be very prominent with AI-ML enabled devices, Blockchain with banking and Financial sectors and unlimited cloud capacity for storage and processing

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